Domestic Investigation

When you need discreet investigative services in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, trust Viper Investigations, LLC to take your case. We offer our investigative expertise to individuals and companies to help them gather information about certain situations. This includes looking for proof of infidelity to help with divorce proceedings.

We will work closely with you and put together a plan of action to get to the truth of the matter when you suspect marital infidelity. We will implement a customized investigation to suit your goals which will ultimately give you peace of mind and a positive outcome.

We can also utilize our private detective services to assist in other domestic situations requiring effective and confidential investigative strategies.

Video capable aerial drones are available for certain surveillance situations.

We offer Digital & Mobile Forensic Services performed by trained and certified Computer Examiners using industry standard tools.

We can also perform bug sweeps and eavesdropping detection using state-of-the-art equipment.

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